We have a maximum membership of 260 and currently we are able to welcome new members. Visitors may attend as a guest of a member twice a year at a cost of £5.00 per lecture. Our membership year runs from 1st January to 31st December, and our AGM is held immediately prior to our March Lecture.

Full Members

Membership renewal reminders are sent to existing members in September with 31st October being the final date for renewing. When membership subscriptions are returned to the Membership Secretary, the TAS Horsley Lovelace programme card and a TAS membership card is sent to each member.  The membership subscription is currently £42.00 per person.

New Members

If there are places are available after the completion of the annual Membership renewal exercise from September onwards, membership application forms are sent to those wishing to join. Once this form has been returned, together with the annual subscription, new members are sent TAS membership cards and a Programme card together with any additional information provided to the membership.

Prospective Members

Prospective new members are invited to contact the Membership Secretary at any time during the course of the year. When requests for membership are submitted, the Membership Secretary will either send out the New Members' application form or, if the Society has its full complement of 260 members, the Waiting List application letter and form. On receipt of the form and  subscription, a list of Lectures and Outings for the current year will be mailed.