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20 February 2019Fresh Encounters: Contemporary Sculptures and the Public Space
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16 October 2019Underground Cathedrals: The Architecture and Design of the London Underground
20 November 2019The Art of Snow and Ice: How Artists Transformed the Winter Landscape

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Fresh Encounters: Contemporary Sculptures and the Public Space Anna Moszynska Wednesday 20 February 2019

The role of sculpture has changed substantially in recent times. In this lecture, Anna Moszynska looks at how the concept of monument and memorial, familiar since classical antiquity, shifts towards other concerns. She will discuss how sculpture now plays a vitally important role in terms of site in the city; how the sculpture park comes into being in Britain in the mid-20th century, and grows exponentially across the globe; how water has attracted artists to make exceptional works in or alongside it; and not least, how sculpture has become a challenging and exciting space for social encounter.


Anna Moszynska is a lecturer and writer, specialising in contemporary art. She developed the first British Master’s Degree in the subject at Sotheby’s Institute and has also taught at institutions including The City Lit, the Royal Academy and Tate.