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19 February 2020George IV as a collector
15 January 2020The Golden Pharoah
20 November 2019The Art of Snow and Ice: How Artists Transformed the Winter Landscape
16 October 2019Underground Cathedrals: The Architecture and Design of the London Underground
18 September 2019Edouard Manet and Music
17 July 2019Australian Aboriginal Rock Art. The World's Longest Unbroken Art Tradition
19 June 2019Victoria and Albert: Art and Love
15 May 2019The Wallace & Frick Collections and their connections with Knole
17 April 2019Grayson Perry: An Appraisal
20 March 2019The Bauhaus 1919-2019: One Hundred Years of Modern Design
20 February 2019Fresh Encounters: Contemporary Sculptures and the Public Space
16 January 2019Making a Stand: Sporting Architecture and Heritage
21 November 2018The Inventors of Christmas
17 October 2018Joseph Wright of Derby & The Men of the Lunar Society
19 September 2018As Good As Gold: The Significance & Symbolism of Gold in the History of Art.
18 July 2018Curves, Colour and Cool: An Introduction to Mid-Century Modern
20 June 2018Burlington House & The History of The Royal Academy
16 May 2018Dazzle Camouflage: Norman Wilkinson's Art in W.W.1
18 April 2018Votes for Women! Art, Suffragettes & Female Politicians
21 March 2018Basingstoke and its Contribution to World Culture
21 February 2018Guerra! Guerra! Music, Art and War:1800-2000
17 January 2018New York: Crucible of Modern Art
15 November 2017Stocking Fillers From Faberge
18 October 2017Indians, Buffalo and Storms: The American West in 19th Century Art.
20 September 2017Hockney at 80: Britain's Greatest Living Artist.
19 July 2017A Bit of Slap and Tickle: Constable's Brighton Paintings 1824-28 - Materials and Techniques.
21 June 2017The Bronzes of Ife and Benin: And an historical review of the Art of Nigeria.
17 May 2017Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves: The Representation of the Working classes in Art.
19 April 2017Life and Times of the Sundial
15 March 2017Picasso's Guernica
15 February 2017A history of Islamic Art in 10 objects
18 January 2017Art UK: Uncovering the Nation's Hidden Oil Painting Collection
16 November 2016The Christmas story in medieval art
19 October 2016Image and History - Art at the Lansdowne Club
21 September 2016Opera: the melting pot of culture
20 July 2016The mystery of Holbein's Ambassadors
15 June 2016Carl and Karin Larsson and the Ikea effect
18 May 2016The changing face of London: a painted documentary
20 April 2016The World of Graham Sutherland and John Piper
16 March 2016The Art of William Hogarth - gin and harlots
17 February 2016The Great Exhibition
20 January 2016Your Country needs you - Art and Design of World War1
18 November 2015We three kings - music, art, legends and poetry inspired by the Magi
21 October 2015Cambodia: The Sacred Art of Angkor and Living Arts
16 September 2015Pugin and the Gothic revival
15 July 2015Dresden today - Art and Architecture
17 June 2015Windows on another world: the paintings of Jan van Eyck
20 May 2015Charles Rennie MackIntosh's Roussillon
15 April 2015The Art of Waterloo
18 March 2015Heraldry - it's all around us
18 February 2015Gilded glories - the fascinating history of gilding
21 January 2015Fine Art forgery: Craftsmanship or conjuring trick?
19 November 2014Breeches, Bonnets and Bags: British Fashion in Art through the Centuries
15 October 2014Great photographs of the 20th Century
17 September 2014Mirrors of an age. The English Country House in the18th century
16 July 2014Silver and Social custom
18 June 2014The Music hall - from Coal Hole to Palace
21 May 2014Love and Loss - the story of Orpheus and Eurydice in art and music
16 April 2014Art inspired by wine
19 March 2014Comfort and convenience : furnishing the Regency House
19 February 2014From Cook to Gaugin - the cult of the South Pacific
29 January 2014The Rivalry between Michelangelo & Leonardo
15 January 2014A history of Western painting in 12 masterpieces
20 November 2013Prelude to Christmas
16 October 2013A thousand years of history - medieval cathedrals as time machines
18 September 2013Horace Walpole and Strawberry Hill
17 July 2013A gentle introduction to Art Deco
19 June 2013The Jewish East End of London
15 May 2013Posters of the Belle Epoque - The Great Age of the Poster
17 April 2013Heraldry - It is all around us. An introduction to everyday heraldry.
20 March 2013The Narcissus Flower: Legend and Herald of Spring in European and Asian Art
20 February 2013Dali Explained
16 January 2013Romans, Christians and Moors - Andalucia and its Golden Age
21 November 2012O yes it is! - history of pantomime (from ancient to modern times)
17 October 2012The History of the English Garden
19 September 2012From Phaetons to Phantoms - 100 years of coachbuilding
18 July 2012Art in 19th century Venice - Poets, painters and private lives in Venice
20 June 20121937 - One Hell of a Year in Art
16 May 2012GFF Watts and the Watts gallery
18 April 2012From Riches to Rags:the Huguenots of Spitalfields
16 November 2011Cooking for Kings:The life and career of Antonin Careme
19 October 2011Emma, Lady Hamilton: Scandal, Celebrity and Art in Eighteenth-Century Britain
21 September 2011Leonardo at the Court of Milan
20 July 2011Three Romantics: Chopin, Delacroix and George Sand
15 June 2011The Dollar Princesses: American women who married into the European Aristocracy whose wealth helped preserve houses and estates
18 May 2011Kingdom in the Sun: Classical and Medieval Sicily
20 April 2011Roland Penrose, Lee Miller and Surrealism
16 March 2011Beneath the City Streets – London’s Unseen History
16 February 2011Wonder Workers and the Art of Illusion – The History of Magic through Art and Pictures
19 January 2011The Queen of Sheba – Empress or Enigma?
17 November 2010The Twelve Days of Christmas
20 October 2010The Drama behind the Taj Mahal: The Life and Times of the Indian Moghul Emperor Shah Jahan
15 September 2010Peter the Great
21 July 2010Secrets of the Brighton Royal Pavilion: A Look behind the Scenes
16 June 2010The English Parish Church: An Architectural and Social History
19 May 2010A Very Important Brotherhood: Rossetti, Millais, Hunt, and the Early Pre-Raphaelites
21 April 2010The Florentine Renaissance

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George IV as a collector Martin Heard Wednesday 19 February 2020

George IV, better known as the Prince Regent, gives his name to an elegant style of architecture and design and a period of British history still noted for its extravagance, political upheaval and moral decadence.  He was arguably London’s best town-planner, with projects that include Regent’s Park, Regent Street, Waterloo Place, Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery, and, outside London, the Brighton Pavilion and a modernised Windsor Castle. George acquired, for the Royal Collection, works by all the best artists of the day, old Master paintings by Rembrandt and Rubens and purchased whole sets of porcelain and furniture from recently exiled French aristocrats after the revolution in France. However, George amassed fantastic levels of personal debt, for which time and again Parliament was called upon to bail him out. This lecture discusses the building of legacy that is such an important part of our nation’s cultural heritage.

Martin Heard studied History of Art at Manchester University and is now a full time researcher into English eighteenth and late nineteenth century French art and architecture.

On 2nd April there is a visit to the Queen's Gallery to see the exhibition 'George IV: Art & Spectacle', follwed by a tour of Apsley House.