Young Arts

Young Arts is a TAS initiative which aims to inspire young people with a lasting enthusiasm for the arts together with an awareness of our immense cultural and artistic heritage.

In its choice of projects and initiatives, Lovelace aims to introduce young people from varying backgrounds to the sheer scale and diversity of the decorative arts and the role they play in our daily lives.

In 2018, The Arts Society Horsley Lovelace funded two inspiring projects:

The Raleigh School

Once again, Helen Anderson, from the education charity Magic Lantern Arts, ran sessions for the 2 Reception classes and the feedback from the school was excellent.

Cherry Trees and Aesop's Touring Theatre Company

Our second project was shared with The Arts Society Bookham. Aesop's theatre company put on a production of The Gingerbread Man for some of the children Cherry Trees supports and their siblings. Cherry Trees, in East Clandon, provides home from home short breaks for children and young people with a range of disabilities.

In 2017, The Arts Society Horsley Lovelace funded two projects:

The Raleigh School

Helen Anderson, from the education charity Magic Lantern Arts, ran sessions for the 2 Reception classes.Magic Lantern sessions invite the whole class to see things differently and work out what’s going on for themselves within the art they are shown.Helen based the slides on the year group’s current project which is food.She encouraged pupils to get involved by asking them questions about the paintings and choosing some pupils to ‘paint’ on the screen using a palette and brushes.The workshops were very popular, with children becoming instantly engaged. 

The Grange

Our second project was shared with The Arts Society Bookham and between us, we provided the prize fund for The Grange Photography Competition. The Grange is a friendly and welcoming organisation supporting people with disabilities to achieve their potential. Our Young Arts Representative was part of the judging panel and the winning entries can be seen at and will be used for a 2018 Calendar.

In 2016, Lovelace DFAS Young Arts funds were donated to a new Toddler Group, Marty’s Friends, recently started by St Martin’s Church. Our donation was used to purchase art and crafts materials. Clare Hewlett and Des Samson were fortunate enough to observe the Toddler Group on the day of their Christmas Party and later handed a cheque to the Rector Renos Pittarides.

In 2015, Lovelace DFAS funded and helped to facilitate 6 Magic Lantern Arts workshops at the Raleigh School, West Horsley, over 2 days. ‘Magic Lantern is an educational charity that uses great works of art to help children observe and explore the world around them’. The Magic Lantern Arts presenter encouraged participation as she showed the children works of art linked to current school projects. She was greeted with enthusiasm from children and staff.

In 2014, a competition was held at the Raleigh School, West Horsley, to create an artwork to commemorate 25 years of East Horsley Village Hall. Lovelace DFAS facilitated a montage of the winning entries, created by a local artist, which now hangs in the Village Hall entrance area. The artwork was jointly funded by Lovelace DFAS, Horsley DFAS, Horsley U3A and the Village Hall.

Other recent Young Arts projects:

  • The willow structure project at the Raleigh School
  • A donation to Guildford House Gallery for their children’s’ art book corner.
  • A project funded jointly by Lovelace DFAS, NADFAS and the Raleigh School, West Horsley, to enable the school children to create large, richly coloured mosaics from their own, unique designs
  • Support for Watts Gallery Art for Learning project
  • Ceramics workshops for children to make wind chimes at Cherry Trees respite care home in East Clandon